Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roy's video

Don't laugh I know everyone's video will make the maker feel stupid as well


A.L. said...

Nice. You really took down the notes from the video. I learnt that the cervix is widened during abortion.
I learnt that 42 million abortions took place over 2008 over the world.
I think that the video could be louder but it seems like everyone has that problem, maybe it is because of the mac. I think that you should add more expression when you speak, some hand gestures perhaps? I also think you should add more info but it is okay , you had a lot of true facts and statistics.
So overall it was a good try Roy! Keep it up!

REUVEN LIM said...

Very good in gathering information about the topic, and good articulation, but there are some points I feel that you can improve on:

Try to speak louder.

Complete the video with what you feel about abortion.

Nice statistics at the end, but anything to say about them? They were also 1997 like us...

Work on it over the holidays (optional)!