Monday, March 15, 2010

Enjoy the video. If you think I'm mumbling, you can read the subtitles!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Matthew-Abortion video

Pls do not laugh:)
(continued)...depression. The end

Arthur video

Please don't laugh at me.... Plus, sorry for the late upload


helene's abortion video

Hakeem's video is my second video......forgot how to post.....

well.......I took it in the

Enjoy my video ;D I LOOK DUMB

Roy's video

Don't laugh I know everyone's video will make the maker feel stupid as well

Abortion video

If possible, do not watch this.

My Movie... ...

Yeah... Finally... Okay.... Enjoy! =]

Thank you!
Tshin Qi Ren...

Weikang- abortion

The volume needs to be upped.

Norul's Video on Abortion

My video about the ethnical issues on abortion.

Serene's Video on Abortion

Here's my video on Abortion..

Millie - Ethical impact on abortion

Denise's video presentation

Fatin's Video Presentation

Hello ^^

Bye! Fatin Zafirah S1-04

Health Issue on Abortion ( Kimberly's )

my video

hai, i know i look like a complete idiot, but still... enjoy! :)

like it, hate it? i don't care...
jun hui

Pasakorn's Abortion Video

Monday, March 8, 2010

Personal Reflection on the topic of 'Abortion'

Task: Produce a 1min video presentation on the topic of 'Abortion'.

You can discuss the following issues: Social impact, Health impact, Emotional impact, Legal impact, Ethical impact & your Personal Views.
Deadline: 10 March (Wed) 2010
Reuven: Please remind the class on the assignment deadline!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Class Test Reflection 2: Digestion, Respiration & Blood cells

Your reflections should describe your strengths and weaknesses in this test (Competency areas:Knowledge, Understanding & Application). Use specific examples from the questions to highlight these areas. Project into the future as to how you plan to improve this topic and each of these competency areas.

Please follow this format:
i) Strengths: . . .
ii) Weaknesses: . . .
iii) Areas to improve: . . .
Provide some questions as examples.

Note: Please use scholarly language with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang or casual conversational writing.