Monday, January 11, 2010

Post 2

Post 3 questions that you will find interesting with regards to Health Science under comments.


Wei Kang low said...

How are cells created?
How do digestive juice work?
How does White blood cells work?

Kimberly Ong said...

- What are the stages of producing red blood cells?
- How are DNA and genes are related?
- What is human genetic engineering?

REUVEN LIM said...

-How did scientists manage to make skin cells behave like embryonic stem cells?

-How can the 4 bases in our DNA (adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine) store so much information?

-Where and how did life originate?

A.L. said...

How do white blood cells get rid of bacteria?
What does DNA do to give you certain traits?
How does the absence of the nucleus in red blood cells affect them?
Arthur Lee

Ilya Haider said...

Where did life come from?
What is it in DNA that can store so much information?
How is DNA produced? If it is already there then how did it get there?

Roy Chua said...

1) How do you genetically engineer cells?
2) Why do some Genetically modified food make people ill?
3) How does the heart pump without us instructing it to do so?

Fatin Zafirah said...

Does my brother have the exact same DNA as me?
Where is DNA?
Is DNA unique to a person?

Denise said...

How does the brain detect the bacteria in the body and "send" the white blood cells to digest them within a few seconds?
How does the female egg know which sperm is the fittest and the healthiest to fertilise the egg?
How do people clone animals?

bored-kid said...

~ How does cloning works?
~ Does the amount of input(food taken in) affects the size of a human?
~ Why am I still very skinny even though I eat as much as my brother who is rather average?

endless midnight said...

How does the number of red blood cells in our body affect us?

Does our rate of breathing affect our rate of digestion?

How does our body produce the right antibodies for the right germs/viruses?

Matthew Wong said...

-Can humans be cloned?
-Where are digestive juices produced?
-Do twins have the same DNA?

Mitchel Goh said...

How is the DNA from the teeth extracted?
Is it possible to manipulate the DNA to form a non-existing creature?
How do you tell the difference between human blood and other types of blood?

sstjourney said...

- how many types of blood cells are there?
- do red blood cells carry waste materials (carbon dioxide etc) too?
- does breathing have ANY connection with respiration at all?

Millie Thng

s.f. said...

How are stem cells different from other types of cells?
How many types of cells are there?
How to make an animal cell?

Norullayaley said...

- How are our digestion and respiration systems connected/similar?
- How are our red blood cells produced by our body?
- Do our red blood cells die after the oxygen it contains are taken in by our body system?

jeremy said...

How does DNA store information?
How do white blood cells produce antibodies?
How did life start

Pasakorn Konwohrachet said...

How are cells created/destroyed?
What are the parts of blood cells?
How much digestive juices does the body make in a year?

IZK said...

How do the white blood cells actually "consume" the bacteria?

How does the bone marrow/stem cell make other cells with nothing by itself?

Why do non-mammals red blood cells have a nucleus, wouldn't it be better if they didn't ?

yo yifan一凡 said...

what cells have no nucleus?-except for red blood cells
how did the first bacteria got created?
are cells made up of molecules?

helene said...

how do you extract DNA?
does the amount of white blood cells in the body affect the immunity level of a person?
how do you clone living things?

infamous08 said...

How does a person have bone cancer?
How do white blood cells fight germs?
Can we clone ourselves?