Monday, February 8, 2010

Class Test Reflection 1: Cells

Your reflections should describe your strengths and weaknesses in this test (Competency areas: Knowledge, Understanding & Application). Use specific examples from the questions to highlight these areas. Project into the future as to how you plan to improve this topic and each of these competency areas.

Please follow this format:
i) Strengths: . . .
ii) Weaknesses: . . .
iii) Areas to improve: . . .
Provide some questions as examples.

Note: Please use scholarly language with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang or casual conversational writing.


serene said...

i) Strengths: I revised through my notes days before the test and again before the test. Therefore, during the test my memory was fresh and I was able to remember most of the facts in the notes.
ii) Weaknesses: Even though I read my notes before the test, I could not remember the specific names to some of the chemicals and also, I did not read some of one set of notes thoroughly and those notes were tested. I also did clarify some of my doubts.
iii) Areas to improve:
I should have read all the notes thoroughly before I took the test and clarify all doubts I had before I took the test.

Ilya Haider said...

My strengths are that I like Science and that I am hardworking.

My Weaknesses are that I may not be able to understand certain concepts.

Areas to improve: I need to improve in my answers as they are not specific enough and are not complete.

Wei Kang low said...

My strengths was that I studied for the test, so Icame in well prepared
My weakness was in the the description of the cells as I could not answer the questions well, losing a lt of marks.
I need to study harder on the way to answer the questions. Also, I need more knowledge on stem cells.

A.L. said...

Strengths:I revised through my notes quite a lot and even did a mind map for specialized cells.
Weaknesses: I only focused on one aspect of science,specialized cells, that is why I lost out overall. I did not remember the specific terms from some of topics. I should have remembered some of the terms for DNA.
Areas to improve: I should have revised through all the notes especially for DNA even though I did not expect it to be tested. I should have revised through everything and not focus on just one topic.

Roy Chua said...

1) I like studying science, so I can absorb information regarding Science quite well.
2) I could not remember all the information before the test completely and what's more, my mind went blank when I saw the test paper.
3) I need to improve on the topic about stem cells as I am not very clear about it.

REUVEN LIM said...

i) My strengths are that I read a lot so I know quite a lot of knowledge.
ii) My weaknesses were that I did not revise, bochup answer, and spent only 15 minutes.
iii) Areas to improve are taking the test seriously, actually revising, and answering with a proper format.
I really shouldn't have anyhow answered. Surprisingly I still was 3rd in class. Phew...

jeremy said...

1) My strengths: I study before tests and do practices.
2)My weaknesses: I have to keep revising notes in order to remember the scientific terms and concepts, and I forget many important information easily before a test or examination. I am also careless when doing some work.
3) Areas to improve: I should try to learn how to remember concepts easily, and check my work more often.

Denise said...

Although I studied hard for the science test, I thought that it was difficult. However, when I got back my results, I found that I did well for this test and I am so thankful. I realise that my strengths were I understood the different topics and I was able to apply them to the differnt questions. Since I have revised the notes and read the website that Mr Low had given us, I was able to understand and answer the questions. Such as, I was able to get the questions linked to the animal and plant cells correct. Apart from that, I could not remember some information that is about the DNA and embryonic stem cells as I did not read the notes thoroughly and I was nervous during the exam too. Examples of questions that I got wrong are the chemical that we used to precipitate the DNA in the extraction process and the question on the usage of embryonic stem cell. This is my weakness which I have to worked on and try to overcome them.
The areas that I have to improve is to answer the questions more specifically and to remember all the keywords. I should also have revised for the test a few days earlier so that I would not feel so nervous before the test.

yo yifan一凡 said...

Strengths: I can remember the opposite of the structure in DNA and I will strive to learn from my mistakes
Weakness: Although I would strive to improve myself, but I will need to take a longer time, I am proud, have no stress thus I will not even bother to study the notes
Areas to improve...: I must to control my proudness and learn to revise my notes, thus I will improve myself in a quicker pace

yo yifan一凡 said...

Oh yes, I wanted to ask if there is a U hydrogen bond(like T, A, C, G)

endless midnight said...

Strength: I would try to elaborate as much as possible on a certain answer so that i would not miss any pointers.
Weakness: I did not actually seriously revise and that is why i did not do well.
Areas to improve on: I should study harder for the tests next time so that i can get a good grade.

Jun Hui

Fatin Zafirah said...

1) Strengths: I made concept maps to help me remember all the science notes.

2) Weakness: I do not study well under pressure but I will not study if not pressured. I can not remember the notes as I was panicking. I did not study hard enough. I forgot what i read.

3) Areas to improve: I should be more hardworking. I should be in a calm state of mind before studying.

infamous08 said...

Strengths: I know the stem cells part only because I studied that before I... you know... slept.

Weaknesses: I am easily influenced by lack of sleep.

Areas to improve: Study before I feel tired and sleep.

helene said...

Strengths: I studied before the test and I remembered some things. I copied some of the notes so i would remember them more clearly.
weaknesses: I do not study a lot and usually only study on the topics that I am not sure about. I am also not very specific in my answers as I cannot remember the terms very well.
Areas to improve: I should study more thoroughly on order to achieve better results. Also , I should study the correct way of expressing things and be more specific.

sstjourney said...

i) Strengths: I studied my notes, especially those on stem cells, therefore, I was able to give answers to the test.
ii) Weaknesses: I did not expect things (chemicals,procedures etc) that we had learnt during our practicals would come out in the test, thus, I did not pay much attention to them. Also, I did not pay much attention to the double helix DNA topic as I thought it was not important.
iii) Areas to improve:I should always revise everything I learnt and pay more attention in class instead of being a smart alec by differentiating important and not important topics by myself. Besides, it is always good to learn new knowledge, be it whether the topics are tested or not.


bored-kid said...

My strengths are that I had revised the test before and also did some last-minute revision before the test.
My weakness is that I could not answer right to the point, and thus often got the question wrong. If not, my spelling mistake would also take away the marks
Ways to improve: I could memorise the spelling and also the key words of similar questions

Kim said...

My strength are that I can answer the question well as in how I phrase my sentences when I have clear understanding about the topics. I have my way of revising for examinations and tests which help me prepare myself. I go through all the notes I have and find more information from the net and guidebooks on that particular part of the topic that I have any doubt on the theory.

On the other hand, I am weak in spelling scientific terms such as differentiation ( missing a 'i' ). I get confused with the spelling when I get to know too many different terms at the same times. I did not have the initiatives to read more on the topics that had been taught. This affected my ability to elaborate more on my answers.

Since knowing more complex scientific terms during primary school education, I always get marks deducted in tests for spelling keywords wrongly in my answer. One of the teachers of my primary school make me write that particular word for 7 times. For me, it works. I should have done it before the test to avoid spelling mistakes for the particular question 3d of Section B. I should cultivated a habit to look for more information, read more after every topic that Mr Low taught to help myself to elaborate more when answering questions.


Matthew Wong said...

Strengths:I like Science and I revised a few days before the test so I could answer most of the questions.
Weaknesses:I did not study the notes for the practical so I did not know how to answer that question.
areas for improvement:I should have red through all the notes before the test.

Norullayaley said...

Even though I studied (REALLY HARD, if I may say so myself) for the test, I didn't do as well as I expected to. Maybe it was because I studied only the day before the test. Or maybe I just didn't understand the topic "Cells" that well. But whatever it is, I don't intent to repeat my mistake(s). Next time, I'll prepare probably about a week before the test, and revise all of my notes.

Pasakorn Konwohrachet said...


-I am much better at questions that are more... general. For example, questions like MCQ questions, or the one on the kingdom groupings.

-I realise that if I retake the notes, I can work quite well with my memory.


-Much worse at elaborating, the basic concepts are okay, but when elaborating, I just beat around the bush. For example, the question on cell adaptation.

-I need to make more time to prepare for tests, so that I can make my memory work. I may also try and ‘copy’ my friends notes, since everyone’s notes might be different.

Areas to Improve:

-I should copy more of my notes, maybe retake, and retake them again. Also, I can use my Learning Device to help me elaborate on a certain topic, just in case it might be tested.

-The questions that made me lose marks, not the careless ones, but the ones that made me clueless, these questions I need to memorize. An example would be the question on A and B’s structural difference.


IZK said...

my strength was that i could remember most of the lessons in class without revising.

my weakness was that i didn't study and didn't know how to explain my answers.

my areas to improve are that i need to study for the tests as i learnt that there might be questions that can only be answered if we read the notes

Mitchel Goh said...

My strengths are that I like Biology and I am trying to strive towards a medical occupation thus there is a motivation behind me and a purpose for studying the subject.This will cause me to be more focused and work harder on the subject.

My weaknesses are that I usually do not take tests seriously and I did not study for this test.For example,once I knew that I got a confirmed place in SST,I did not study for my PSLE as I was sure that I could at least get 200 for the aggregate score.Thus,I did not do my PSLE to my fullest potential.

I should start to take the tests seriously as it will help me to find out what I understand and do not understand for that topic or topics.I should also revise the current topics as it will be easier for me to build up my knowledge as I advance to higher levels of education.

Yifan said...

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